List of Facility codes in Syslog

In Syslog each message is labeled with a facility code, indicating the software type generating the message, and assigned a severity level

Below is list of Facility codes. For List of severity levels, go to List of severity levels in Syslog

Facility code Keyword Description
0 kern Kernel messages
1 user User-level messages
2 mail Mail system
3 daemon System daemons
4 auth Security/authentication messages
5 syslog Messages generated internally by syslogd
6 lpr Line printer subsystem
7 news Network news subsystem
8 uucp UUCP subsystem
9 cron Clock daemon
10 authpriv Security/authentication messages
11 ftp FTP daemon
12 ntp NTP subsystem
13 security Log audit
14 console Log alert
15 solaris-cron Scheduling daemon
16–23 local0 – local7 Locally used facilities

Please note that the mapping between facility code and keyword is not uniform in different operating systems and syslog implementations