Suggestions for porting Digital Forensics and Incident response tool from Python2 to Python3

Python 2 end-of-life will be on January 1st, 2020. There are still quite a number of Open Source, Digital Forensics & Incident Response tools which doesn’t support Python3 and still require Python2.

With Clock ticking and and just little over 10 months left for the deadline, what are your favourite tools that you would like to see getting ported to Python3.

Feel free to provide name of tools in comments below, other community members may pick name of tool from here and port it to Python3 in order to help you and wider Digital Forensics & Incident Response Community

I’ve had some success using the python-modernize library for migration to Python 3 in the past.

This website provides a comprehensive guide to different porting approaches as well. Just Fyi :smile:

Yes, other community members can use these approaches and libraries, in order to help to migrate Python2 compatible DFIR tools to Python3